DOGS experience a much different energy during a pack walk and a clear sense of belonging together is experienced by the dogs as they roam together.  It is much different than walking alone and provides the dogs with chances to practice their social skills.

PEOPLE benefit from the fresh air and exercise, spending quality time with their dog, and working on their dog's socialization.  It is also a good for people socializing; it is so nice to be able to connect with other dog-lovers who love nothing more than talking about all things dog.

OPEN TO:  any dog who was a registered member of our previous playgroup by the same name, Out of the Doghouse.  Anyone else interested in joining us should contact us about registration:

SCHEDULING is usually on the weekends and fairweather.

LOCATION varies, most often being:  Assiniboine Park, Kildonan Park, The Forks, and any location a member would like to lead a walk.

PACE is leisurely and we wait periodically for stragglers to catch up.  

A WORD ABOUT LEASHES: retractable leashes are injurious, dangerous, provide insufficient control and can be a big nuisance.  As such, they are not to be used at playgroup events.

COLLARS are best suited to being tag holders and harnesses are meant for walking.  For the overall healthy of your dog, we recommend using a harness on walks.

BRING:  poop bags and water

RSVPS - are not required for outdoor walks, but are considerate, so we know to watch out for you.  For some indoor or backyard events, they are mandatory and attendance is capped.  You can RSVP on the Facebook event, by indicating you're "Interested" and then hover there again and indicate "Going".

CANCELLATIONS -- may happen with very short notice due to weather or lack of attendance.  Check back before heading over.

SUPERVISION --- everyone is responsible for supervising their own dogs and for any damage to person or property that make take place.  All members provide a General Release of Liability and a Participant Waiver to Out of the Doghouse organizers, co-members, and hosts or venues of our events.